Booking in checklist

Things to do before you board your dog!

It is necessary for you to read and understand these Terms and Conditions for boarding your dog or cat at chalet kennels and cattery.

  1. Make sure that your dog or cats vaccinations are up to date for the period of boarding. Certificate of vaccination will be needed to be produced every time your pet is boarded.
  2. If at any time before boarding you’re dog or cat becomes ill or unwell, please visit your Veterinarian and then contact the kennel immediately with the results of the examination.
  3. We may refuse entry to boarders if this procedure is not carried out.
  4. We need to be able to contact your Veterinary Surgeon to make sure that they we can cater for your cat or dog’s stay.
  5. You may then be asked to pay a small additional charge for any special care needs, as the advice given by your Veterinarian must be adhered to.
  6. As far as medication or tablets for administering to your dog or cat , Chalet Kennels and Cattery  would require a few days extra supply of medication just in case you are delayed on your return from your holiday, especially if the medication is prescribed as an ongoing treatment for your dog or cat’s well-being

Things you need to do on the day of boarding!

  1. Check that the collar is fitting correctly and make sure that any identification tags are firmly attached
  2. Take your pet’s favourite toy, a small piece of bedding/old tee shirt/ old sock/hand towel with your scent on. To do this, hold the piece of material between both your hands and move your hands backwards and forwards, which will release your scent onto the material. By putting this in your pet’s bed it will help them acclimatise to a change in sleeping arrangements.
  3. Tell us of any changes to your dog or cats needs if different when filling out our booking form.

Please follow these tips to help ensure a comfortable and happy stay with us.

On collection

When collecting your dog or cat please check your dog or cat over with the help of Chalet Kennel’s care assistant, making sure that you are happy with their condition.

may be necessary to remind the care assistant to return any personal effects including any medication etc.

At Chalet Kennels and Cattery we would love to hear your feedback on us, this can be done through our email

Refunds and deposits

There is a non refundable deposit of £30 and £50 for summer, Easter and Christmas holidays.  In the event of a pet being collected early or less than 7 days notice of cancellation is received the charge for the whole stay will be due.