Health Care

Whilst your dog is in our care we will take very good care of them, however should they become ill they will receive immediate veterinary attention.  If you have your own insurance it must be produced on arrival.  We charge a small fee for insurance cover for any veterinary charges.  A cost of £ 15.00 will be levied to and from the vet.

Health: Staff will administer medication advised by the owner, to which there is no added cost. No pet suffering from infectious or contagious diseases can be accepted and details of previous illnesses must be reported.

All pets must be fully vaccinated and owners must produce an up-to-date vaccination certificate as required. Inoculation must cover distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, canine parvovirus and other relevant diseases. We also advise for dogs to have the kennel cough vaccine and be fleaed and wormed. The course of vaccinations must have been completed at least 2 weeks before date of arrival. Full details under conditions of acceptance on booking form.

For any further information please contact us to discuss, we always try to meet all our guests needs.